About Website

Are you involved in organizing a conference yourself? Do you like what you see here?

The EuroSEAS 2019 website runs on a custom-built content management system specifically tailored to the structure of an academic conference. Internally, panels can be added, organized and edited with ease, while overviews such as Sessions, Rooms and Participants are generated and updated automatically. Data can also be exported to create materials like name tags, program booklets and certificates almost effortlessly.

To website visitors, panel details are presented on clear and intuitive pages, while all types of data (participant names, session times, rooms, keywords) are interlinked and clickable, enabling a fluid navigation across the conference program. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, so it can be used as a convenient, up-to-date reference even during the conference.

This system will be made available for licensing in the future. If you’re interested in using it to run your own conference, please feel free to approach me during EuroSEAS 2019 or contact me using the button below.

Jona PomeranceHead of Website and Program Structure