East Timorese Multiple Belongings: The International Relations of East Timor and the Application to ASEAN


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Session 3
Wed 13:30–15:00 Room 1.502


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This panel intends to discuss the place of East Timor in international relations and its political and economic relations with Australia, Indonesia, China, Portugal and CPLP (the Community of Portuguese Language Countries). Bearing in mind the multiple belongings of East Timor between Southeast Asia, the Pacific and the Lusophone connexion, the panel will explore the diplomatic and strategic aspects of these relations and its impact on East Timorese politics and economy. In this framework of analysis, we will focus on the main goal of the country’s foreign policy: the application to ASEAN - a process which started in 2011 and is still being further delayed with no end in sight. The panel is open to discuss constraints and opportunities of the admission procedure as well as the various ‘players’ taking part within this ‘game’.

The aim is to contribute to a reflection on the impact of the membership, both internally as well as regionally, grounded in several scientific areas and open to a diversity of methodologies.