Indonesian Maritime State: Shaping Military Professionalism


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Session 10
Fri 11:00–12:30 Room 1.505


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This panel aims to follow up discussion took place at the 2017 EuroSEAS Conference in Oxford on the panel of Indonesia perspective on military professionalism under democratic control. The 2017 panel concluded two challenges that require further discussion. First is the existing gap between policy orientation and implementation. Secondly the absence of institution’s memories provides lucrative “hybrid space” for such rent-seeker within state building architecture to undermine the intended functional role of state-institutions.

The objective of this panel will further examine the approaches to address the two challenges of minimizing the gap and locating the hybrid space in shaping Indonesian military professionalism. The construction of Indonesian Maritime State is placed as a geopolitical state-position in projecting the posture and competence of Indonesian military professionalism. However, shaping military professionalism should be put as a national interest in order to survive in the dynamic of borderless global order that relies on the logic of interconnected and interdependent. This shaping includes identifying and locating the compatible approach to reform security sector in Indonesian context. The discussion to find the compatible approaches is structured into four thematic issues, which are 1) Policy and implementation, 2) Structure and Posture, 3) Military Capability and Competence, 4) Policy oversights. The elaboration of those four themes encourages trans- or inter- disciplinary approach in order to have a holistic, comprehensive and integration views to address problem of shaping Indonesian military professionalism under democratic control.

The organizing of the follow up panel at the 2019 EuroSEAS Conference in Berlin expects to create an international academic space for feedbacks and comments to the manuscript before plan of publication. The manuscript represents new insight and perspective of Indonesian young scholars on the development of Indonesian military transformation.