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Continuing Negotiations of History, Identity, and Nation in Philippine Literary ProductionGlenn Diaz
Examining “Dutertenomics” in the Philippines: Historical and Comparative PerspectivesShingo Mikamo
Muslim Belonging and Politics of Belonging in the PhilippinesRosa Cordillera A. Castillo
Persistence and Change in Local Knowledge in Dealing with Natural Hazards in the PhilippinesSoledad Natalia Dalisay
Politics in the Age of DuterteMark R. Thompson
Scholars in Emerging Archaeological Researches in the PhilippinesKristine Kate A. Lim
The Philippines and Its Global Entanglements: Decentering the Knowledge Production About Religion in AsiaDeirdre de la CruzGiovanni Maltese
Violence, Human Rights and Democracy in the Philippines: Historical (Dis)continuities and Spatial VariationsJeroen Adam
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