Scholars in Emerging Archaeological Researches in the Philippines


Double Panel

Part 1

Session 7
Thu 13:30–15:00 Room 1.405

Part 2

Session 8
Thu 15:30–17:00 Room 1.405


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Archaeology is an exciting discipline in this 21st century of the Philippines with more collaborations and developing data and discussions given the older timeline of the peopling in the Southeast Asian region. Researches in the last few years have significantly contributed to a better understanding of early human migration and colonization, proving how connected the islands are to the rest of the world. Besides this, the field is also challenged with its role in today’s global context and issues. In this panel, we invite and bring together young scholars with on-going archaeological researches on human adaptation to climate change, archaeological heritage management, and the application of new technologies in archaeological data presentation – key and emerging themes in the practice of Philippine archaeology.