Session 7

Room 1.101On Being Radical or Moderate: The Many Ways of Interpreting Radicalism and Promoting Moderate Islam in Contemporary Indonesia 1Muhammad Adlin SilaYanwar PribadiWahyuddin Halim
Room 1.102Mediating and Mediatizing Political and Religious Authorities 1Merlyna LimSaskia Schäfer
Room 1.103Labour migration: Diversity and inequality, and imaginaries of the future in Southeast Asia 1Henk Schulte NordholtPrasert RangklaLennie GeerlingsSoimart Rungmanee
Room 1.201Gender in the Transition: Feminist Politics, Resistance and Intersectionality in MyanmarJenny HedströmElisabeth Olivius
Room 1.204Transregional Southeast Asian Connections: Indonesia and MalaysiaAmanda Tho Seeth
Room 1.308Understanding the Emergence of Political Villagers and State’s Counteraction in Northeast ThailandWataru Fujita
Room 1.401Encountering Spirits: Trance and Spirit Possession in the Performing Arts of Contemporary Southeast AsiaLorenzo ChiarofonteIlaria MeloniEva Rapoport
Room 1.403Violence, Human Rights and Democracy in the Philippines: Historical (dis)contuinities and spatial variations 1Jeroen Adam
Room 1.404The Politics and Governance of Palm Oil Expansion in Southeast Asia 1Ward Berenschot
Room 1.405Young Scholars and Current Archaeological Researchers in the Philippines 1Kristine Kate A. Lim
Room 1.406Performing Sumatra through Cultural Heritage 1Jan van der Putten
Room 1.501The Sociality of Infrastructure-Mediated Development: Dynamics of In/Exclusion in Southeast Asia 1Richard L. MacDonaldPanarai Ostapirat
Room 1.503Engaging universals: Traveling concepts and practices in contemporary Southeast Asia 1Sina EmdeCatherine Scheer
Room 1.504Identity: Forging Regional Belonging in Southeast Asia 1Volker Grabowsky
Room 1.505Historical Anthropology in the Highlands: Contexts, Methods, Actors, and Ethics 1Pierre PetitJean Michaud
Room 1.506Offline and Online Spaces of Southeast Asian Transnational Migration: Facebook, Mall, Museum and Art 1Morakot MeyerWimonsiri HemtanonEmily Yuan
Fritz-Reuter-SaalRound Table
Southeast Asian Studies: Directions, Themes and Collaborations
Sikko Visscher
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