Session 1Round Table
Myanmar: One year ahead of the next elections
Michael Lidauer
Session 2Round Table
“Listen to your Eyes”: Multimedia Story-telling and the Future(s) of Academic Publishing
David KloosHenk Schulte NordholtSilvia Vignato
Session 3Round Table
Responding to Troubling Times: The Urgency of Collaborations Between Academics and Artists
Rosa Cordillera A. CastilloClod YambaoKay Abaño
Session 4Round Table
Principles of welfare in Southeast Asia
Silvia Vignato
Session 5Politics in the Age of DuterteMark R. Thompson
Session 6Round Table
Philosophies in Southeast Asia
Lara Hofner
Session 7Round Table
Southeast Asian Studies: Directions, Themes and Collaborations
Sikko Visscher
Session 8Round Table
New Area Studies and Southeast Asia
Vincent HoubenClaudia Derichs
Session 9Challenges to the Future of ASEANFernan Talamayan
Session 10Round Table
Current and future challenges of regional integration in Southeast Asia
Jacques Leider
Session 11Authoritarianism in Southeast AsiaSriprapha Petcharamesree
Session 12Laboratory
Presentation of All Laboratory Results
Benjamin Baumann
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