Session 4

Room 1.101The Politics of Human Rights and Peace Education in Southeast AsiaJoel Mark Baysa BarredoSriprapha Petcharamesree
Room 1.102Muslim Belonging and Politics of Belonging in the PhilippinesRosa Cordillera A. Castillo
Room 1.103Legal Pluralism and Challenges for Family Law GovernanceStijn Cornelis van HuisTheresia Dyah Wirastri
Room 1.201Material Culture, Heritage and History in Southeast Asia 2Elsa ClavéMulaika Hijjas
Room 1.204The Gender of Labor in Privatizing VietnamAnn Marie LeshkowichMinh Nguyen
Room 1.205Revisiting Decolonization Processes in Southeast Asia 2Rui Graça Feijó
Room 1.308The Struggle for Nationalism in Contemporary Thailand 2Joel SelwayPetra Desatova
Room 1.401Strongmen in Southeast AsiaDaniel BultmannJohn Buchanan
Room 1.402Laboratory
Legal Intermediaries: Reading, Interpreting and Documenting “Law” in Southeast Asia 2
Jeremy J. Kingsley
Room 1.403Women, Pluralism, and Political Participation in Peacebuilding, Democratizing and Developing Burma/Myanmar 2Chosein YamahataSar Yar Poine
Room 1.404Parent Education and (Non-)SchoolingJuliette SendraSteven Prigent
Room 1.405In the Making: Experimentation and Experiment in Southeast Asian Art 2Amanda Katherine Rath
Room 1.406Transforming Productivist Economies: Inter- and Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Organic Farming in Southeast AsiaMartina Padmanabhan
Room 1.501Boundaries Within the Flow: The Shape of Life in Southeast Asian Cosmologies 2Guido SprengerMonica Janowski
Room 1.505Historical Anthropology in the Highlands: Contexts, Methods, Actors, and Ethics 2Jean MichaudPierre Petit
Fritz-Reuter-SaalThe Government Intermediary: The Role of Middlemen and Socio-Cultural Brokers in Past and Present Southeast Asia, ca. 1800–2000Bernard KeoMaarten Manse
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