Session 11

Room 1.101Rethinking Southeast Asian Mega-CitiesSandra KurfürstTamaki Endo
Room 1.102China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Bridging Disciplines, Theories and Methods in the Research on Its Impacts on Southeast Asia? 1Alfred Gerstl
Room 1.103The Mobility of InfrastructureChristina SchwenkelKirsten Endres
Room 1.201Spicy (Dis)connections: Routes, Values and ImaginariesAnnuska DerksSarah Turner
Room 1.204New Intimacies in Southeast Asia: Mediating Affective Relations Between People, Places and Things 1Bart BarendregtMartin Slama
Room 1.308Locating Zomias Wet and Dry: Stateless Spaces in Maritime and Mainland Southeast Asia 1Masao ImamuraNoboru Ishikawa
Room 1.401Beyond Wage Labour: An Inclusive Approach to Work and Its Implications for the Emergence of New Workers’ Alliances in Urban Southeast AsiaMark Philip StadlerMechthild von Vacano
Room 1.402Translation, Globalization and Indonesian Literature: Islands of Imagination?Stephen Epstein
Room 1.403The Cultural Contexts of Disease in Southeast Asia: Bile Duct Cancer in Northeast Thailand and Lao PDRRachel Harrison
Room 1.405Already Southern China or Still Northern Southeast Asia? Local Engagements with and Translations of Chinese Regional Aspirations in the Upper Mekong Region 1Simon Rowedder
Room 1.406Body Techniques, Emergence and Decline of Social Categories 1Jean-Marc de Grave
Room 1.501Censorship of the Arts in Southeast Asia 1Rosalia EngchuanTaufiq Hanafi
Room 1.502Sonic Entanglements: Sound, Archive, and Acoustic Historiographies in Southeast Asia 1Barbara TitusmeLê yamomo
Room 1.505Emerging Scholarship on Myanmar’s Chin State: Interdisciplinary PerspectivesSena Galazzi
Fritz-Reuter-SaalAuthoritarianism in Southeast AsiaSriprapha Petcharamesree
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