Body Techniques, Emergence and Decline of Social Categories


Double Panel

Part 1

Session 11
Fri 13:30–15:00 Room 1.406

Part 2

Session 12
Fri 15:30–17:00 Room 1.406



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Techniques can be gradually transformed by diffusion or integration. They can influence, modify and replace others. They often accompany a previous, concomitant or posterior modification of a socially anchored value system or of disembodied ideologies seeking to inscribe themselves within constituted human communities. The panel aims to describe such techniques, striving to highlight the processes and groups concerned by these body techniques: diffusion, reception, implantation, modes of transmission, transpositions, adaptations, modifications. The description of such a perpetuation aims to grasp their role in the emergence or on the contrary the decline of a given social class or category. The goal here is to strengthen the understanding of social facts through the study of techniques and of their modes of transmission. Concomitantly we aim to set more precisely the role of practices (techniques, transmission, relationships) with regard to the ideological dimension (ideas, value systems). The body techniques considered can be of different natures (artistic, martial, technological, agrarian…), come from any region of Southeast Asia and concerning different disciplinary approaches.