Current and Future Challenges of Regional Integration in Southeast Asia


Round Table

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Session 10
Fri 11:00–12:30 Fritz-Reuter-Saal


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For the last decades, Southeast Asia (SEA) has experienced different modes of existence as a “region”. One can follow the progressively established institutional framework of ASEAN, with its successes and uncertainties, which represents an ideal of regional identity. But scholars also observe and analyze the ongoing evolution of major economic, political and cultural change, driven by numerous state and non-state actors, and the accelerated globalization of the region which has been brought about by a plurality of newly created internal and external connections. What is at stake is not only the ASEAN’s political agenda, but also the integration of macro-level data on flows of goods, capital, people, knowledge, political models, ideologies etc., and the action of external forces driving SEA’s regional integration, China’s rise in particular. Several burning issues are directly linked to the challenges of regionalisation – regional security and environment, transnational labor mobility, uneven development induced by regional integration, contested ASEAN centrality, etc. To consider current and future challenges of SEA integration, the roundtable will adopt an interdisciplinary approach with micro-studies specialists from the social sciences and humanities and analysts of macro-phenomena in international relations and political economy specialized in different parts of SEA.