Session 1

Room 1.102Examining “Dutertenomics” in the Philippines: Historical and Comparative PerspectivesShingo Mikamo
Room 1.103The Rhetoric of Gender and Sexual Codes in Contemporary Indonesia 1AnggaunitakiranantikaWida Ayu Puspitosari
Room 1.201New Persons in Southeast Asia 1Resto Cruz
Room 1.204The Labour Movement(s) in Southeast Asia: Historical Contingencies and Contemporary Challenges 1Fahmi PanimbangMichaela DoutchNantawat ChatuthaiOliver Pye
Room 1.205Social Inequality and Sociocultures in Southeast Asia 1Boike Rehbein
Room 1.308Agrarian Social Movements and Struggles in Southeast Asia Past and PresentMatthew Woolgar
Room 1.401Creative Peacebuilding and Resistance in Indonesia 1Birgit Bräuchler
Room 1.402Laboratory
Governance for Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia: History, Anthropology, and Political Economy 1
Tom Hoogervorst
Room 1.405Material Manifestations of Environmental Change 1Jacobus Bracker
Room 1.406Ageing Out of Place: Comparative Perspectives from Southeast AsiaMegha AmrithVictoria Kumala Sakti
Room 1.501Grounding “Alternative Ontologies”: Towards a Political Ecology of Animism 1Annina AeberliChristoph AntweilerTimo Duile
Room 1.502The Evolving Indo-Pacific Construct: Responses from ASEAN and its Major StakeholdersRahul Mishra
Room 1.504Reverberations of an Occupation: Indonesian Wartime Connections Between Postwar SocietiesWilliam Bradley Horton
Room 1.505Traditional Art, Community and Environmental Discourse: Wayang Puppet Theatre in Global Contexts 1Matthew Isaac Cohen
Fritz-Reuter-SaalRound Table
Myanmar: One Year Ahead of the Next Elections
Michael Lidauer
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