Governance for Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia: History, Anthropology, and Political Economy



Part 1

Session 1
Wed 09:00–10:30 Room 1.402

Part 2

Session 2
Wed 11:00–12:30 Room 1.402


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  • How well have Southeast Asian societies responded to climate-related crises in the twentieth century?
  • Did they learn from past crises? (That is, how much adaptive capacity was there?)
  • How can we explain variance in their responses and adaptive capacities across Southeast Asia?
  • What does this tell us about likely responses to such crises in the twenty-first century?
  • How can these questions be most fruitfully investigated?

Organisers invite scholars of/from Southeast Asia interested in developing an empirical understanding of climate change-related adaptive capacities in the real, historical world.

Participants will seek to develop ideas leading to a common approach, with a view to future research collaboration.

The laboratory will be interesting to historians, anthropologists, and political scientists, and to natural scientists interested in collaborating with them on policy issues.