Session 9

Room 1.101Health equity and embodied vulnerabilities in a region in transitionCatherine Smith
Room 1.102The liberal state and its discontents in Southeast AsiaTomas Larsson
Room 1.103Knowledges apart: How to converge disciplinary, epistemological and social realities?Petra DanneckerAlexandra Heis
Room 1.201Queer (In)Visiblity in Southeast Asia: Class, Politics, and Global Sexual Health 1Sylvia Tidey
Room 1.204The Politics of Engagement: Southeast Asian Diasporas in Relation to Home Countries 1Grażyna Szymańska-MatusiewiczHelena Patzer
Room 1.308Future Making along Southeast Asian FrontiersMichaela HaugKristina Großmann
Room 1.401Upland Pioneers: Future Aspirations, Moral Imaginaries and Emerging Religiosities in Southeast Asia 1Rosalie StolzOliver Tappe
Room 1.403Spirited Politics: Spirit Discourses and National Trauma in ThailandMegan Sinnott
Room 1.406Social protection: Understanding the new politics and practices of distribution in South East Asia 1John McCarthyGerben Nooteboom
Room 1.501Charity and Volunteerism in Southeast AsiaKerstin SchieleSara Ann Swenson
Room 1.502Studying Social Silence and Agency in Southeast Asia: Politics and Strategies of the UnspokenGrace LeksanaAnnemarie Samuels
Room 1.503Laboratory
Bourdieu, Religious Fields and Social Power in Mainland Southeast Asia 1
Benjamin BaumannErick White
Room 1.504Critical perspectives on penality in Southeast Asia 1Andrew M. Jefferson
Room 1.505Incorporating the foreign: The social meaning of imported goods in eastern Indonesia and Timor-LesteEmilie WellfeltHans Hägerdal
Room 1.506Reinventing Museums in Southeast Asia from the Colonial to the National, the Regional to the GlobalPearlie Rose S. BaluyutEmily W. Stokes-Rees
Fritz-Reuter-SaalChallenges to the Future of ASEANFernan Talamayan
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