Challenges to the Future of ASEAN


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Session 9
Fri 09:00–10:30 Fritz-Reuter-Saal



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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2015 established the ASEAN Community, Asia’s first regional community, and celebrated 50 years of overcoming the challenges of an extremely diverse region. While the ASEAN’s achievements are worth the praise it has garnered in the past, the future of the region seems to be anything but smooth sailing. This panel looks at some of the most pressing challenges that the ASEAN may face in the future, as echoed by many scholars of the region. The papers in this panel will examine the ASEAN principles of regional order vis-à-vis its relevance to the present context, the challenges of climate change and the commitments of the region to address this, and the Chinese factor in the development of the member states’ foreign policies.