Transregional Southeast Asian Connections: Indonesia and Malaysia


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Session 7
Thu 13:30–15:00 Room 1.204



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This multi-disciplinary panel discusses religious, cultural, educational, political and economic entanglements of Southeast Asia with other regions. The papers are informed by theories of cultural anthropology and political science and stress agency over structure.

By focusing on Muslim-majority Indonesia and Malaysia, it is shown how ideas, individual and group identities are constituted through movement across space. Furthermore, in the field of religion, Indonesia and Malaysia are increasingly looked up to as potential role models or are striving to exert influence beyond their own regional borders. Accordingly, the panel critically evaluates the long established perception of both countries as an Islamic periphery. By focusing on transregional connectivities, the panel also aims at contributing to the debate on new area studies and the concept of ‘region’ within area studies.