Governance to the Local Level: Synergies Between the Social, Economic, and Climate Change Sustainable Development Goals in Southeast Asian Cities


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Thu 11:00–12:30 Room 1.101



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Across Southeast Asia, cities are considering their development plans in light of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this panel, we wish to explore examples where synergies have been sought between particular social, economic, environmental, and climate change goals. We are especially interested in examples and analyses that focus on how cities have attempted to involve stakeholders, NGOs, civil society organizations, and citizens in the planning and implementation of the SDGs. Authors may wish to focus on a single case study or small comparative study of cities in Southeast Asia. The selected cities may be from the middle-income countries in the region (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand), the developing countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam – the CLMV countries), or from the upper-income countries (Singapore, Brunei).

Much analysis of the SDGs has focused on the links between the international and the nation state level, here we are interested in the multi-level governance approach to reach down to the local level of government, the closest level to the citizen. We are also interested in examples where cities are sharing their best practices internationally or regionally for achieving the SDGs, either through the United Nation’s (UN) sponsored city network organizations, or through the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN).