Health, Policy and Governance: Cases from Indonesia


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Session 5
Thu 09:00–10:30 Room 1.308

Part 2

Session 6
Thu 11:00–12:30 Room 1.308



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The issue of health, healthcare provision and health policy are an increasingly relevant topic the world over, but also for countries in Southeast Asia. Changes in society and politics greatly influence the field of health and healthcare. Migration, urbanization, lifestyle, economic development (or lack thereof), democratization and decentralization are all phenomenon that impact the arena.

This panel brings together presentations of results flowing from a number of projects funded by the Scientific Programme Indonesia – The Netherlands (SPIN) on health, citizenship and governance. The contributions include work by medical specialists on the implementation of health research outcomes in policies, research from the social sciences on welfare distribution and health policies, as well as efforts to approach issues of governance with a mixed methodology including quantitative and qualitative elements.

Furthermore, it showcases the plans of a consortium which aims to address issues of Urban Transitions in an interdisciplinary manner. This includes investigation into the changes in the bodies of migrants after they have moved to the city and the relationship to changes in the occurrence of illnesses. By seeing the urban as opportunity for implementing sustainability measures, the interrelation with quality of life (in a medical and social sense) will be explored.